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Capture Power committed to delivering White Rose CCS Project 25/09/2015

Capture Power has today confirmed its commitment to the delivery of the White Rose Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project. The confirmation follows news that power generator Drax plans to end further investment in the Project beyond its existing Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) study commitment.

Leigh Hackett, CEO of Capture Power, commented: “Drax’s decision not to invest further in the Project is disappointing, but we are keen to confirm that Capture Power remains committed to delivering the White Rose CCS Project. We can also confirm that we continue to work constructively with Drax on land, site services and shared infrastructure aspects to support the Project’s delivery.

“We are now well over halfway through the FEED study and we are progressing towards receiving development consent. The final investment decision for White Rose will be dependent on successful outcomes of the FEED study, funding arrangements and the proposed Contract for Difference market mechanism designed specifically to encourage investment in new, low carbon generation.

“The team at Capture Power is working hard to put the UK on the CCS map through delivering this groundbreaking project.”

In association with National Grid, Capture Power plans to deliver the world’s first commercial scale, full chain, carbon capture and storage coal-fired power plant. The White Rose CCS Project aims to demonstrate that the commercialisation of CCS technology can deliver reliable, competitively priced low carbon electricity, helping to combat climate change.

Yorkshire and Humber is uniquely placed to play host to a CCS cluster capturing millions of tonnes of CO2 each year from large industrial sites and power stations. White Rose is the vital anchor project that will enable this low cost decarbonisation of UK industry.

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About White Rose

The White Rose CCS Project will see the construction of a new, state-of-the-art, up to 448MWe (gross) coal-fired oxy-fuel power plant with full CCS deployed from the outset. Located in North Yorkshire, White Rose would generate enough low carbon electricity to supply the equivalent needs of over 630,000 homes and would be capable of capturing two million tonnes of CO2 per year, some 90% of all CO2 emissions produced by the plant. The captured CO2 would be transported via the Yorkshire and Humber CCS Cross Country Pipeline, an associated project being developed by National Grid, for storage offshore in deep saline formations under the southern North Sea. The pipeline and store are being designed to accommodate CO2 from multiple sources. With the pipeline sized to transport 17 million tonnes of CO2 per year, there would be sufficient extra capacity to tee in other power stations and industrial sites in the region.